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Multi-band Low-loss Power Tappers/Unequal Power Splitters

800-2500MHz N Female, 5dB, 6dB, 7dB, 10dB, 15dB

For indoor and outdoor application


When place order or specify, please insert coupling value in place of x. For example, BXT-6-NF stands for 6dB power tapper.

Part Number
Tap Loss, Input←→P2
Tap Loss, Input←→P1
Weight, g
Dimensions , mm
Frequency Band
800 ~ 2500 MHz
Average Power
Peak Power
1.5KW, Max.
PIM, 3rd Order <-150dBc@2x43dBm
50 ohm
N Female
–25º to +75ºC
Relative Humidity Up to 100%
Inner Plating Silver
Outer Contact Plating CuSnZn3
DC capability DC transmission only between input and port P1. P2 is coupled capacitive.


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